Using the Vetting Funnel to Deliver Quality Sales Leads and to Develop More BusinessWhat is the VettingFunnel?

Imagine a vacuum cleaner scouring the Internet looking for potential clients and then pre-screening and narrowing down the specific legal issues for each prospect found and then, when the issue is known, the prospect is figuratively dropped into the lap of a legal practitioner that focuses on those legal issues. 

Does that sound cool?  Great, because that is the VettingFunnel.

Prospective clients avoid wasting hours calling legal firms looking for the right help.  Instead, prospective clients spend just minutes, or even less, clicking icons within a highly intuitive and easy to use filter system that narrows down the legal issue of concern and then plants the prospective client right onto landing pages legal firms providing the desired service.  Prospective clients benefit and legal firms receive qualified hot sales leads.

How Does the VettingFunnel Work?

The technology of how it works is a secret; however, the functionality is actually quite simple.  When a person within the public, being an unknown prospect, is seeking legal services on the Internet, the figurative vacuum that is the VettingFunnel operating on the Marketing.Legal platform, pulls the prospective client into a simple, multi-step (usually just three step), series of funnels that uses a simple and intuitive graphic-user-interface to ask progressively narrowing questions that enable the prospective client to pre-quality legal services needs.  After identifying 'what' legal services the prospective client needs, the VettingFunnel then asks 'where' legal services are needed.  The prospective client is then presented with one or more choices of legal services practitioners who are offering the desired service within the preferred area where the service is needed.  Upon making the selection, the prospective client receives everything needed to make the connection including direct auto-dial button for instant use on all mobile devices as well as the email address, and applicable webpage along with a contact request form for those who prefer reverse response.

Does the VettingFunnel Require a Marketing.Legal Website?

There are particular special convenience features of the VettingFunnel that require a website with Marketing.Legal; however, the VettingFunnel works for any practitioner, even those without a Marketing.Legal website - and even practitioners without any website at all.

Does it Cost Much to Participate in the VettingFunnel?

The pricing for the VettingFunnel varies depending on the type of prospective client lead that the legal practitioner wishes to receive and how much exposure to prospective clients the practitioner wants.  The pricing will be determined by market forces from 'supply and demand' models - and is the choice of the participating practitioner.  Where the legal practitioner seeks higher value legal matters in a 'hot' market for a 'hot' type of service, the price for exposure will be greater than other for lesser interest matters in other geographical areas.  Simply put, a monthly subscription for a lawyer to receive Driving While Impaired leads in Toronto, Ontario will be worth more, and priced higher, than for a paralegal receiving Speeding Less Than 15 Over in Timmins, Ontario.

Does that Mean the VettingFunnel Pricing is Other than Pay-Per-Click?

Yup, that is right!  The pricing is set monthly rather than as a Pay-Per-Click method.  You sign up by the end of day on the 15th of the current month and you are locked in to start on the 1st of the next month - for the entire month - without the 'top ups' needed when a Pay-Per-Click deposit is exhausted.  In this way, your VettingFunnel marketing will run without interruption and for an upfront and fully known and predictable fee.

Can Any Firm Use the VettingFunnel?

Good question!  The answer is 'sort of'.  For each type of lead only a maximum of six firms can participate within a particular geographical area during any month.  Here are some additional rules:

  • The lead type generated by the VettingFunnel is available only to firms serving that lead type (a firm is unable to sign up for personal injury leads unless the firm directly practices personal injury law);
  • The applicable monthly fees must be fully pre-paid for in advance (before the 1st of the month); and
  • The complete information for proper sign up is required (so that prospects can reach you).

Where Do I Get More Information About the VettingFunnel?

Just send an email to VettingFunnel@Marketing.Legal, or fill in the form below, and a representative will get in touch and share almost all of the secrets about the VettingFunnel.

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