A law firm's success is inarguably linked to its website presence.  Your law firm needs a digital marketing partner that understands both the law and the web.  That's Marketing.Legal

What We Do

Website Development

Your legal firms' website more often than not, is what makes the first impression about your law firm in the eyes of your potential clients.  Your website must appear professional, must include content that is attractive to search-engines such as Google, and in some cases your content needs to be available in multiple languages, must be easy to navigate, and must maintain brand consistency with all your other marketing channels that work together in conveying your legal acumen and your law firm's overall professional image.  A well-implemented website converts its visitors into quality leads, and ultimately, into paying clients.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of getting your law firm listed within the top ranks of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.  Your law firm's website and its individual pages need to be easy to find using any device.

SEO is a competitive process as all law firms invest to one-up each other within the top ranks of search results.  There is no simply way to "cheat" at SEO to get your website to rank at the top.  SEO success takes time and a continuous never-ending response to the ever-changing search algorithms and field of competition.

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Google Ad Management

Paid Ads, a.k.a. PPC (pay-per-click) are the quickest way to target market your law firm online.  That said, building a cost-effective and quality targetted lead funnel isn't quick, and requires extensive technical know-how.  Many of our PPC clients came to us after trying to manage Google Ads themselves and having experiencing firsthand that the PPC landscape is a competitive environment, where only the savviest of PPC specialists flourish cost-effectively.  We've spent years, successfully managing PPC accounts with spend budgets ranging from just a few hundred dollars to near million dollar Google accounts.

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Social Media & Content

Social media and content marketing are another component of law firm marketing that must be well-implemented to drive quality website-traffic and compel visitors to reach out for an intake  consultation.

We address your law firms social media pages ensuring branding consistency with your website; then we build campaigns that engage the masses, that sometime go viral, and that establish a prolific interest for your services among your target market.  You handle your legal cases.  We handle your firm's online persona.

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