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What Can a Law Firm Do With Visuals to Improve Results From Website Marketing?

The Use of Associational Juxtaposition Is Very Powerful and Involves Subconscious Perceptions of Contextual Connections Between a Brand or Product or Service With a Person, Thing, or Feeling. Including Associational Juxtaposition Can Provide For Powerful Subliminal Impact Within Marketing Materials.

Ferrari Formula One Car on Racetrack It would surely be too costly as a paid endorsement and quite unlikely that Charles Leclerc as a Formula One driver for the Ferrari race team to appear as a spokesperson for Marketing.Legal; however, it is still possible for Marketing.Legal to use an image of a Ferrari racecar within an associational juxtaposition as a means to obtain a branding boost.

Associational juxtaposition in marketing is sometimes easier seen than said and surely something you have observed a million times without conscious recognition.  Simply said, associational juxtaposition involves the presenting a product or brand alongside images or other visuals that subconsciously draw people to make a contextual connection between the product or brand and the visual image.  In the example here, Marketing.Legal is using the image of a Ferrari Formula One race car as a means to subliminary suggest that the Marketing.Legal website platform, like Ferrari, is a symbol of the highest quality of research and design engineering along with the commitment and devotion to achieving results and excellence.

Implementing Associational Juxtaposition

There are many ways to subtly and overtly achieve associational juxtaposition.  In this article, as above, there are already at least five, and maybe more, ways in which Marketing.Legal is using examples of associational juxtaposition.  The examples include:

  1. The mention of the name Charles Leclerk as a Formula One driver for Ferrari along with a webpage link;
  2. The use of an icon, being a tachometer showing a high rate of speed as a symbol of high performance;
  3. The use of an image of a Ferrari Formula One race car being driven on a race track with fans watching on;
  4. The use of bold text for both the name Ferrari and the name Marketing.Legal used within proximity; and
  5. The very use of these demonstative examples within an article that is about associational juxtaposition.

Observing Legalities

Of course, it is necessary to remain compliant with regulatory mandates of the Law Society as well as to avoid laws involving infringement and passing off.  Accordingly, when implementing associational juxtaposition, it is necessary to stay within bounds, especially the need to keep statements demonstrably true whether such statements are made impliedly or expressly.  Furthermore, the Ferrari image above is a fully purchased and licenced photostock image and this webpage clearly states that Marketing.Legal is actually without the endorsement of Ferrari or Charles Leclerk; however, the subliminal message remains conveyed.

As for legal practitioners, rather than a marketing business such as Marketing.Legal, the image of a smiling person waving happily at a lawyer while driving away from a courthouse would be an excellent example of an associational juxtaposition, especially if such were provided within a webpage about defending licence suspension charges.

Getting Started

For more about how to use associational juxtaposition within your digital marketing strategy, and perhaps with a little more subtlety than a contextual connection to Ferrari, and for help developing and launching a target marketing action plan including a dynamic content generating website, contact the Marketing.Legal team.


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