Search Engine Optimization Where Small Things Add Up to Big ThingsYour Legal Business Succeeds via Ideal Placement in the Top Ranks, Above Your Competition

Marketing.Legal engages strategies backed with decades of Search Engine Optimization ('SEO') experience; which translates to why clients consistently see their rank position in search going up-and-up, and with quality results/sales increase.

Search Engine Optimization ('SEO') is an always ongoing process that efforts to place your law/legal firm’s website among the top results in Search Engines like Google; whenever people search for legal help in your geographical coverage area.

Professional, competently implemented SEO can be the most effective method to gain more quality clients, and grow your legal business, cost effectively.  That's why we call it: results optimization.

Pricing: Included FREE within all website packages
Unlike competing companies that offer their SEO packages starting from USD$895.00 per month, Marketing.Legal believes that SEO is a fundamentally expected aspect of any website package, and strives to keep the process of advancing technology moving forward and accessible to all.

SEO in 2020: Marketing.Legal Does It Masterfully
From the Fundamentals, to the Leading Edge, Advanced

  • Automated functionality that targets your ideal clients, by their geographic locations. 
  • Automated 'schema' data, provides search-engines with the raw information required to understand your website's content.
  • Automated 'meta' data, examines itself, looking for duplicity and other 'spammy' appearing factors.
  • Automated functionality powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers, that keeps content unique and informative, and attractive to keep Google's latest BERT algorithm and other natural language systems coming back.

  • Search Engine Optimized and currated website content, written by experienced legal professionals.
  • Current SEO best practices, maintained with regard to both on-page and off-page factors.
  • Competitive analysis and results monitoring. 

What is BERT? It is Google’s artifical intelligence, network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training. The BERT ackronym stands for "Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers" and It was opened-sourced last year and the technical aspects are written about in detail on the Google AI blog. In short, BERT helps computers understand language more like a humans does.

BERT is one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search.
~ Google, November 2019

Is It Possible to Optimize a Lawyer/Paralegal website specifically for BERT?  In a conventional way, likely not.  Google informs SEOs that it is getting better at understanding natural language; and subsequently, advises content authors to simply focus on writing content for users.  However, Marketing.Legal's own proprietary AI takes website content and re-issues the key information within, using a variety of vernacular so to cater to the varying sophistication among web-audiences; and further, rephrases the content in multiple ways aimed at becoming a featured 'Google Snippet', being the answer to hundreds of long-tail search phrases, all in an effort to better satisfy Internet searcher’s queries with more understandable, on-point results.

Marketing.Legal is Different, Seriously a Lot Different...
Most, but not all recent SEO offerings come from businesses that have some years of experience as to what keywords are ideal when filling out blanks among a Wordpress plugin.  Marketing.Legal's SEO expertise goes far, far beyond that, including modern approaches to Artifical Intelligence ('AI') systems.  Our website platform's coding team includes members that have actually hand-coded search-engine algorithms, bots/crawlers, and database queries for over twenty (20) years - being the technical things that are fundamental to every search-engine.  Unlike websites running on Wordpress, the Marketing.Legal website content-management platform has been developed while keeping SEO front of mind at every step, not as some secondary after-thought/third-party plugin.

SEO Success

Simple Things that Can Positively Impact a Website's Search Engine Rank

Search Engine Land is a news website that covers search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), and is respected as one of the best industry resources on the topic.  They cover the fundamentals of SEO, the majority of which should be addressed in any venture deploying a website for the goal of procuring business opportunity.

In addition to the basics of best practice in SEO as identified by Search Engine Land, there are very simple, yet positive factors to consider when launching a new website.

Register your website's domain name for at least two (2) years.  At times, Google has looked upon a single-year domain registration as a potentially disposable domain.  Spammers often registered domains for only a single-year, expecting that it would become blacklisted before the year was out.

Try to secure your brand in a .law, .legal, or .ca TLD extension and if possible, also secure your brand in .com; all of which can be tied together.

Note that your domain name does NOT necessarily have to be your brand name.  If your brand doesn't effectively convey the nature of what your service offering is, choose a domain name that is on point with the nature of your service and your geographical area served, as this can influence 'click-through' in the search-engine result pages (SERPs).

When launching a new website, encourage genuinely interested friends and family to spend some time doing a meaningful review of it; and avoid encouraging any family or friends that you suspect would only give it a quick glance over.  The latter can negatively influence a factor known as 'bounce rate', inadvertently sending a signal to search-engines, that 'humans' don't find the content to be useful.

You can learn about fundamental SEO best-practices via the following:
Chapters: Overview1: Factors2: Content3: Architecture4: HTML5: Trust6: Links7: Personalization8: Social9: Violations

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