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When You Need Help:

The team at Marketing.Legal wants to help you make the most of the marketing tools available for your business and is ready to assist where possible; however, from time-to-time, requests are received asking for help with products or services offered by other suppliers.  While the Marketing.Legal team wants to help as best possible, there are limits to what Marketing.Legal is able to do.

Marketing.Legal is unable to correct errors within software or data of other entities.  Marketing.Legal is also unable to provide any general computer support such as how to install Windows updates, how to install your printer, how to recover your lost Facebook password, among other things.  Marketing.Legal does provide help with the use of Marketing.Legal products and services.

Marketing.Legal will address at no-charge: technical errors among other issues that are specific to the Marketing.Legal website platform; including setup prerequisites such as configuring your domain name, installing your Google Analytics onto the website platform, installing purchased features such as integrating your Facebook ChatBot, or resolving coding bugs, among other technical things, directly related to the website platform.

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Marketing.Legal™ is a 100% Canadian brand, owned and operated incorporated business, with dedicated expert professionals, having decades of qualified experience in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, and Social Media marketing for Lawyers and Paralegals.  Website design for lawyers in Ontario, Canada.

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