Are You Ready for Success in Your Legal Business? Lawyers and paralegals, among others within the legal community, often struggle with efforts to promote, advertise, and market, legal services; afterall, those who work in the legal community are professionally trained to handle time consuming and mentally challenging legal matters rather than how to focus on the development of business opportunities.  However, as was said by Zig Ziglar, "nothing happens until a sale is made".  Accordingly, without marketing and the developing of quality business opportunities, or more simply, 'without making a sale', lawyers and paralegals, among others, will be without legal matters to focus on.

Advertising & Promotion

The team at Marketing.Legal has more than 100 years of collective experience consulting in traditional advertising services.  Planning and designing and implementing creative promotional strategies is our forte.

Dynamic Websites

The online presence of legal firms often struggles - dismally.  There are just too many practitioners publishing websites that, essentially, say the same thing as every one else - over and over again.  Additionally, lack of understanding of the available SEO techniques, including the importance of concerns far beyond simply installing 'keywords' is a struggle for many who try to publish a website on a 'Do-It'Yourself' platform where SEO plug-ins were designed as an afterthought to the foundational platform. 

What is needed instead is a proprietary platform where SEO was designed right into the base foundation as well as a genuine volume of substantial content (remember, even if nobody bothers to read all the information within a website, Google does).  These ingredients, among others are often affordable only to the large 'downtown' law firms having huge budgets.

The solution for small firms is a communal website platform that renders as 'multiple personality websites' creating independent and autonomously appearing uniquely branded and styled websites that are driven from a database of extremely content rich, search engine optimized, communal articles; and of course, each uniquely appearing website also provides capacity to uniquely publish webpages and articles independent and from the communal articles.

Internet Strategy

Creating awareness, attention, and authority (A.A.A.), via social media campaigns involving Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others, are our specialty.  A good marketing strategy of any type always follows the A.A.A.  method and we are filled with fresh ideas as well as proven 'old faithful' time and tested ways to improve your publicity.

Training & Braining

As part of our Training & Braining education seminars, mentoring services are available in developing sales techniques.  Learn how to qualify the needs, wants, and desires, of a prospective client.  Learn to Turn Good Bye Into Good Buy!

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