CAUTION: If you are unsure about anything as shown below, let us do it.

Much of the textual information that is presented within various algorithm generated paragraphs found among websites built on the Marketing.Legal ('ML') platform, relies upon root-data that all ML clients are encouraged to review from time-to-time, and to ensure remains current and compliant with any relevant Law Society Rules and/or business operation changes.

Of course, ensuring that a legal business' website presents as operating within the proper limits of the Paralegal or Lawyer scope of practice is of utmost importance.  By default, all ML website deployments are initially set to "Not a Legal Firm".  For ML itself, we are obviously not in the business of providing legal services to the public, accordingly as pictured here, our particular setting is selected as: "Not a Legal Firm".

HOW TO: Login to your ML website; then in the Admin Dashboard, click on the button labelled "Edit Business / Contact Information".

Every website on the ML platform, includes paragraphs of content that are automatically generated information, as well as a variety of technical elements in the background that speak to search-engines.  Some of that information is polinated by the status of the 'Areas-of-Law' selections as found in your 'Website Persona' screen.

If you/your firm have any vector with a particular area-of-law, then you should select it.  Doing so ensures that the scope of legal issues that you touch upon is properly promoted to search-engines and ultimately website visitors; and also works to ensure that all available communal content in the ML website platform that may be relevant to you, is made available to you.  Take care to ensure that all of the areas-of-law that you select, do in fact have nexus/vector with the scope of your Law Society licence.

HOW TO: Login to your ML website; then in the Admin Dashboard, click on the button labelled "Edit Persona / Areas of Law".

Further down on the 'website persona' screen; you will find a form for fifteen (15) peripheral geographic areas to be targetted in some measure.  By peripheral, we mean that they are secondary to the primary focus city/town that the website already knows about, which is found from your primary business address.

These city/town names polinate into various places among your website, including behind the scenes with search-engines - much of which is a part of our special trade-secret.

HOW TO: Login to your ML website; then in the Admin Dashboard, click on the button labelled "Edit Persona / Areas of Law", then scroll about halfway down.

Finally, near the bottom of the 'website persona' screen, you can change things such as the URLs to your various social media channels, customize your websites disclaimer message, and set appropriate technical information for various third-party resources such as Google Analytics accounts, and more.

HOW TO: Login to your ML website; then in the Admin Dashboard, click on the button labelled "Edit Persona / Areas of Law", scroll most of the way down.

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