The Power of Five Focus on 500 to 50 to 5Working the Numbers

Are you following the 'method' within your digital marketing strategy?  If so, then stop reading this and go back to answering your phone and the calls received from your potential new business calls - because that is how well the 'method' works.  When done right, the 'method' develops the A.A.A. (awareness, attention, authority) by targeting 5,000 people within Facebook groups as necessary to generate 500 people reached as page views or impressions spawning 50 engagements (reactions such as a Like, comment, online discussion, or website visits) and then resulting in five direct contacts from potential clients seeking legal help - every single day!

The 'method' requires only three tools:

  1. A website containing substantial content containing a depth of information that is informative, educational, and even entertaining.
  2. A fully and properly set up Facebook business page branded with consistency so to match the branding within the website.
  3. A regular blog (every day or two) shared from the Facebook business page and for which the blog contains a 'hook' that is intriguing so to inspire engagement with the blog and also to follow a webpage link that contains deeper information relating to the blog.

The 'method' is proven to work.  Contact the Marketing.Legal team to learn more about the 'method' and start benefitting from the power of five.


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