Search Engine Optimization Where Small Things Add Up to Big ThingsBusinesses of all types commonly make the mistake of spending too much money, time, and effort creating an 'appealing website' from a subjective, human eyeballs point of view; while neglecting to ensure that the website is first created to appeal to search engines; using fundamentals of best practice in search engine optimization (SEO); which is necessary to ensure that human eyeballs ultimately find the website, and in turn, may appreciate any subjective appeal.

Said another way; in the web world, a primary focus on having the 'prettiest' business website as the ultimate goal, almost always results in lots of missed business opportunities.  Websites that are arguably the 'prettiest', typically omit the very things that otherwise make a big positive impact upon Google, among other search engines.  Website development and SEO involves a vast array of technical factors including foremost: quality text content specific to the business subject matter.

SEO Success

Website designers heavily focused on making their design 'pretty' in effort to impress human eyeballs, often expending the bulk of their budgets, oblivious to the fundamental steps in best-practices known by website developers.  Designers are mostly focused on implementing 'pretty' things that can impose a penalty upon a website by search engines.  Developers are focused on implementing the technical things that help to ensure that content and its context is assimilated by search engines with a resultant positive business impact.

Ways to Positively Impact Your Website

Search Engine Land is a news website that covers search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), and is respected as one of the best industry resources on the topic.  They cover the fundamentals of SEO, the majority of which should be addressed in any venture deploying a website for the purpose of promoting business opportunity.

In addition to the many factors of best practice in SEO as identified by Search Engine Land, there is another very simple, yet positive factor to consider when implementing a website.

Register your website's domain name for at least two (2) years.  At times, Google has looked upon a single-year domain registration as potentially disposable; whereas spammers often registered domains for a single-year expecting that it would be blacklisted before the year was out.

If your business goals have focus on targetting Canadian web-traffic opportunities, then you should register a .ca domain name for use as your website's primary domain (meaning that you should register both the .ca and the .com).  Most importantly, note that your domain name should NOT necessarily be your brand name - as the best results typically come from a domain name that is a couple words describing your core product/service and a single geographical term.


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