2022 January 13Launch of Placement.Legal

Added a new website to the Success.Legal professional network/community.  Lawfirms, paralegal students, and articling students now have a central hub that proactively acts to help ease of forming positive placement connections.Visit Placement.Legal

2022 January 13Everyone Gets a Profile

Added a new 'Profiles' ability that gives all Canadian persons that have a vector (ie: lawyers, transcriptionists, students, etc) with the legal profession, a user-profile among the Success.Legal network.Learn More at Success.Legal

2022 January 09Launch of Domains.Legal

A domain connected to a project built on the Success.Legal network/family of websites provides that project/marketplace with immediate awareness and explorability by a critical mass of users already onboard.Visit Domains.Legal

2022 January 04Monotone Image Matching

Added administrative capability for applying an automatic hue/colour correction to monotone sets of images to help maintain consistency among website/branding themes without the need for graphic-artist (human) intevention.Learn More

2022 January 03Checkouts Are Launched

Added ability for sales of anything having vector with the legal profession to be exclusively sold, or optionally cross-sold between multiple websites among the Marketing.Legal platform.Learn More

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Marketing.Legal is a 100% Canadian brand, owned and operated incorporated business, with dedicated expert professionals, having decades of qualified experience in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, and Social Media marketing for Lawyers and Paralegals.  Website design for lawyers in Ontario, Canada.

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