2022 December 12Fixed a Sign-In Delay Issue

User sign-in has sometimes been taking up to ten (10) seconds or more.  The cause has been fixed.

2022 November 30Update to FontAwesome V6

Our platform now supports various new features associated with FontAwesome 6, the latest version of the world's most popular digital icon set.

2022 November 28Tokenized Images and Icons

Images and Icons within are now represented in articles now have unique autonomy in articles, independent from their master control article, and administrable in a comma-delimited format.

2022 October 20Across Canada & USA Expansion

Our platform now supports its geographic market targeting and artificial-intelligence functions across all of Canada and the USA.

2022 October 18Expanded Reach of Testimonials/Reviews

Testimonials, Reviews, and Quotes, all previously fed into only the website-persona wherein they were created.  Now, they feed into every website-persona within the portfolio of a particular business.

2022 October 12Businesses Can Now Be Multi-Persona

Any business on the Marketing.Legal web-platform, can now have a portfolio of multiple website-personas, all feeding from mutual datasets.  This feature ensures data consitency and eases/centralizes the administration of website ambitions that involve multiple sub-niche websites in the interests of a single business operation.

2022 September 4Migrated Outgoing Email to MailGun

For better performance and greater volume of outgoing email, our entire platform, meaning all email functions, have now been migrated to MailGun.  Google SMTP was being a pain.

2022 August 4Added Communal Sync to Google Snippets

Any webpage/blogpage on the platform that relies on a communal masterpage, now synchronizes Google snippets from the masterpage.  The 'communal leash' can be deactivated at any webpage, for exclusive Google snippets.

2022 August 4Added Secondary-Admin Email

Added a secondary, private 'CC email' for business websites on the platform; as some clients were unable/unwilling to copy/forward email between their internal operating/administrative persons.

2022 August 3Randomized Google Snippets

Added the ability for any webpage/blogpage to have up to sixty-four (64) combinations of randomized question and answer snippets for Google to suck on.

2022 July 26Expanded Multi-Lingual Website Features

Made things simpler for users and added bug/idiot-proofing to address the AWS character limit of 5000 characters to every auto-translation payload.

2022 July 25Added MVC Type Layouts

The need for 'Bootstrap' or another layout grid system is now removed and managed by the web-platform itself, making it easier for any web-content author to publish webpages with a consistent layout architecture across the entire web-platform.

2022 July 23Added Business Hours Token

Business hours information can now automatically 'snap' into any web-content via parsing of a content #TOKEN#.

2022 July 23Simplified Business Hours Management

Added a GUI for business hours information, making it easier to manage within contexts of Businesses, Entities, and Profiles.

2022 July 22Database of Entities

Anything vectoring with the Canadian legal profession and having a geographic location (such as courthouses or Service Canada offices) can now be a communal-data 'entity' in our platform; and the sky is the limit as far as business concepts for use of the data.

2022 July 19Contact Relations Management (CRM) for Leads & Messages

Everyone, meaning those with profiles or websites on our platform, now have a web-based system to ease the management their contacts and give/take leads via the Referrals.Legal engine.

2022 July 16Advertising Tools Update

We have improved the advertising engine for all Success.Legal websites; adding more targeting features, adding some bug-fixes, and expanding the idiot-proofing abilities.Example

2022 July 13Geographic IP Lookup

Our websites now automatically recognize geographic proximate locations of users to provide greater personalized services.Example

2022 July 3Added 'Team Building to Referrals.Legal Profiles'

Legal professionals can now build 'teams' of collegues for reciprocal business lead networking opportunities.Learn More

2022 July 1Increased Home/Page Shot Resolution

Our websites take screen shots of themselves for use in social media posts; we increased the pixel resolution today.Learn More

2022 July 1Launch of Referrals.Legal (Phase 1)

Phase one mimicks a 'directory service' with many business treats propagating among data in the background for use in the forthcoming phase two.Learn More

2022 June 17Added Custom Outgoing Email Server

Website owners can now set a custom outgoing Email server to forward their website form-fill data, bulk email blasts, etc.  This removes our daily-limit throttle on client's bulk email blasts.  Standard SSL/Port 465 only.Learn More

2022 April 09Added MVC (Model-View-Controller) to Blogs

Content authors no longer need to worry about responsive web-design architecture when publishing blog pages.  Our system will automatically take care of various webpage structure and blog content concerns.Learn More

2022 March 13Added Option to Disable Chatbot on Weekends

Website owners can now turn off Facebook Chatbot on weekends; when they do not expect to maintain a quick response rating.Learn More

2022 March 13Added WhatsApp Integration

Expanded social media and contact method channels to include WhatsApp.Learn More

2022 March 9Added Bulk Emailing to Purchase Groups

Emails can now target audience groups that have purchased a specific product or service.Learn More

2022 March 4Added Certificate Administration

Certificates can now be created based upon various custom criteria including event participation.Learn More

2022 March 1Added a 302/301 Redirect Selector for Alias Domains

Website owners can now select between temporary and permanent domain alias redirection to their primary domain.Learn More

2022 February 21Added Tokenized Testimonials

Now you can use various code tokens inline with HTML to inject database driven 'Reviews & Testimonials' content into webpages at run-time.Learn More

2022 February 02Added Avatars to Profiles

Now you can use your Facebook Avatar or Profile Pic to expand your digital persona and assist people in recognizing you across social media channels.Learn More

2022 February 01Integrated Clio Grow Inbox

Leads from website form fills can now automatically port into your Clio Grow Inbox.Learn More

2022 January 25Added Badges to Profiles

Earn various badges on User Profile pages, based upon various information/interactions among the Success.Legal professional network.Learn More

2022 January 24Added Second Languages to Profiles

Profiles can now specify additional spoken languages.  English is the presumed default language.Learn More

2022 January 22Added Invites

Invite friends/colleagues to join the Success.Legal network, compete against scores on the Quiz Leaderboard, join LawFirm teams, build a comprehensive user profile and more.Learn More

2022 January 19Added Gamification

Added Gamification (Quizzes/Surveys); which is the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities in order to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in effort to motivate and engage with users interactively.Learn More

2022 January 13Launch of Placement.Legal

Added a new website to the Success.Legal professional network/community.  Lawfirms, paralegal students, and articling students now have a central hub that proactively acts to help ease of forming positive placement connections.Visit Placement.Legal

2022 January 13Everyone Gets a Profile

Added a new 'Profiles' ability that gives all Canadian persons that have a vector (ie: lawyers, transcriptionists, students, etc) with the legal profession, a user-profile among the Success.Legal network.Learn More at Success.Legal

2022 January 09Launch of Domains.Legal

A domain connected to a project built on the Success.Legal network/family of websites provides that project/marketplace with immediate awareness and explorability by a critical mass of users already onboard.Visit Domains.Legal

2022 January 04Monotone Image Matching

Added administrative capability for applying an automatic hue/colour correction to monotone sets of images to help maintain consistency among website/branding themes without the need for graphic-artist (human) intevention.Learn More

2022 January 03Checkouts Are Launched

Added ability for sales of anything having vector with the legal profession to be exclusively sold, or optionally cross-sold between multiple websites among the Marketing.Legal platform.Learn More

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