Law Firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) <small>Beware of Scam Providers</small>Everyone always wants their website's Google results to be better; and almost everyone gets random emails from time-to-time claiming that there are “errors on your website” or that you “could be ranking higher”.  Maybe you have even opened up communication with an SEO provider that claimed they could put you at the top of Google, 100% guaranteed.

Being that there are many con-artists running around proclaiming to be ‘SEO Experts’, here is a handy guide to help identify the con-job SEO offers that will only bring pain to your wallet and to your website.

SEO Email Scams (“SPAM”)

At some point in your legal firm's history, you’ve probably received an email stating something like:
“Your website ranks far below your competitors”
“SEO errors and issues”
“You are missing out on web-traffic”
“You’re not showing up in Google”

That's SPAM!  Not to worry — nearly every business owner believes that they might be missing out on web-traffic; and these emails are designed to stir up a fear of loss.

You can spot most of these emails because the wording or grammar is near laughable, usually the emails come from foreign companies.  Sometimes they might come from a larger corporation, claiming that they have already done an SEO analysis for you; which they haven't.  A sincere SEO analysis takes hours and involves some prequalification questions directly asked of you.  It is merely a scare tactic; and they blast the same email messages out to everyone, hoping to score a few unlucky business people.

A good idea, is to contemplate how you have been approached in the first place.  Did they ask for a serious meeting, wanting an opportunity to discover your business goals, and what you have already been doing that has either worked or not?  Or do they lead leap into scare tactics involving a bunch of technical stuff?  BAD and GOOD examples of SEO approaches look like this:

BAD: “Our advanced SEO report shows website metadata errors causing you losses in Google.”

GOOD: “We have noticed that your website's homepage is titled ‘Welcome’ rather than as a synopsis of what you do and where you do it.  By changing the title, you can better help people find your business when they do a search, and they will likely be more inclined to click on words matching their interest.”

In the Good example, provided that your homepage is titled ‘Welcome’, you will know that the SEO person has genuinely taken the time to evaluate your website specifically.

Do not panic whenever you receive emails about your website's SEO.  Give the email a moment of thought as to whether it actually makes sense.  And if you are still unsure, then contact your website provider for their opinion.

Absurd SEO Promises

The biggest absurdity is when a self-proclaimed “SEO Expert” promises to place your website perpetually at the #1 spot in Google.  Any  true 'SEO Expert', in fact any true SEO novice, ought to know how absurdly unrealistic that is.  Do not be conned by a total amateur that is taking you for a fool, soon to be parted from your marketing budget, with absolutely no significant results in the end:

A serious SEO Expert can probably get you into the top three (3) search results for a few of your target keywords.  But keeping you there depends on how your competition responds.  Accordingly, there are no perpetual guarantees in SEO.  Getting to #1 is a big accomplishment, staying at #1 forever, guaranteed, is impossible to guarantee.  If anyone tries to offer you such a guarantee; then they are a con-artist, incompetent and unqualified to be offering SEO services.


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