Law Firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) <small>5-Step Process, How Marketing.Legal Develops Effective SEO Campaigns for Law Firms</small> Research and Strategic SEO Planning

At Marketing.Legal, every law firm's SEO strategy starts out by having contemplated several and unique particulars about that law firm.  Key questions that will be asked which factor into your law firm's SEO plan include:

  • Which practice areas-of-law do you wish to promote?
  • What does your local competition look like?
  • What does your target demographic look like?

After examining the depths of the answers to the above three (3) questions, tailoring your law firm's specific SEO strategy can begin.

Keyword Research

We examine the best possible keywords and their saturation among your geographic/competition marketspace.  This step includes examining:

  • What are people using as keyword terms when searching looking for legal help in your market?
  • What are the ideal short-tail and long-tail keywords to benefit you?
  • What keywords are your competitors aggressively targeting, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Technical SEO Factors

We build an attractive and mobile-friendly website using modern SEO best-practices, making certain that key SEO elements are in place.  A few of these elements involve:

  • Navigation heirarchy, page structure, and canonicalization.
  • Optimizing on-page keyword saturation.
  • Minifying Javascript and Style (CSS) assets.
  • Optimizing image assets' filesize while maintaining display quality.
  • Eliminating render blocking resources, to improve speed/user-experience.
  • Activating automation methods for Schema and Metadata optimization.

Implement Comprehensive, Authoritative Content

We install content that is on-point with your practice areas-of-law and that automatically finesses itself for your target market:

  • Articles include supporting law with citations.
  • Written by web-professionals and licensed legal practitioners.
  • You can turn on or off specific articles.

Analysis and Updates

We review your law firm website's accumulating data and react based on that data.  We analyze various web-traffic metrics and historical patterns, including:

  • Organic web-traffic volume.
  • Average time trends of visitors spending time per session withing your website.
  • Bounce rates; being which pages don't retain visitor attention for long.
  • Which pages regularly translate to lead conversion versus pages that don't.

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