Q: How Long Will It Take for My Law Firm to Gain Results from SEO?

Answer: SEO is a long-term strategy.  Typically, we see some measurable uptick in our client's search-engine rankings within the first six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

Q: What is the SEO Contract Term?

Answer: There is no minimum contract - no minimum required term.  That said; law firm SEO takes dedication and time.  A true measure of growth takes at least four (4) to six (6) months; and requires data being available in respect to the same timeperiod of the previous year.  To get a big jump in web-traffic immediately, a targetted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with Google Adwords is recommended.

Q: How Much Does An Effective SEO Campaign Cost?

Answer: $0.00; being that there is typically no additional charges for ongoing SEO for website built on the Marketing.Legal website platform.  Our proprietary technologies and quality website content combine to polinate your website in search-engine results, and thereafter various technical processes in machine-learning/artifical-intelligence with some manual intervention keep nurturing your webpages' growth.  As the methodologies of SEO best-practice are constantly evolving, our automated and manual efforts keep progressing your website forward.  Further, our proprietary technologies have ability to automatically compare your website to your competitors website; leveraging their strengths and weaknesses; with your webpages subtly changing their content automatically with improved semantic details from time-to-time, and automatically improved technical things such as META/SCHEMA-DATA whenever our technology senses that your competitors might be gaining an edge, or as Google makes changes to their algorithms.

Q: Are SEO Results Guaranteed?

Answer: Any marketing agency (for any business sector) that offers a guarantee of SEO results with statements such as: “Page one of Google in 90 days!” is being dishonest, if not a blatant scam/fraud.  There are absolutely no guarantees in SEO.  Law firm SEO is a very challenging science, requiring long-term finesse.  We guarantee that our SEO staff's experience involves a twenty-three (23) year history championing leading strategies in constant evolution of SEO best-practice and innovation.  Further, we guarantee high-quality website content, manual analysis and attentiveness, as well as our leading-edge artificial-intelligence technology giving your website its best possible rankings in Google, to generate quality paying clients for your law firm.

Q: Do I Get to Approve Content Before it is Live in My Website?

Answer: Yes - you can turn any website content on or off anytime; except your website's homepage is always on so long as your website is on.  That said; your website's homepage content is always editable, and is only launched for public consumption with your approval.

Q: Can I Add/Write My Own Content Articles?

Answer: Yes - we encourage our clients to contribute their own periodic content articles, opinions, news, events.  Most particular, only you can provide the specific details about your law firm.  We might suggest some finessing for some SEO benefits, but the ultimate version for public viewing will be your decision.

Q: Can I Do the SEO Stuff Myself?

Answer: Not without a decade or two of experience translating to at least a dozen hours per week with an extensive computer science background.  SEO starts with writing good content articles; but it is much more technically complicated than simply being authoritative and comprehensive.  Serious SEO includes various technical attributes that take years to develop and is incredibly time-consuming.  Further, our SEO includes highly advanced concepts in artifical-intelligence evolution and a machine-learning algorithm developed in response to Google's own BERT algorithm - being far outside the scope of any do-it-yourself scenario.  The BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing; and helps machines to understand what words in a sentence mean, with all their nuances of context.

Q: Can I Keep My Current Website?

Answer: If your website is not already with us, then no — for several reasons.  Great law firm SEO requires a variety of technical fundamentals within the core implementation of a website; and chances are that your current website is built using Wordpress or some other system that treated SEO as a web-development afterthought, requiring a 3rd-party plugin to address SEO, rather than having been built strategically with SEO ideals as a core forethought and mandate.  Our websites involve a vast database of comprehensive and authoritative content, which our proprietary A.I. (artifical intelligence) engine will automatically make unique for your website.  To deliver the best-possible results for your money, a new and beautiful, search-optimized website must be built on our core platform.  That said, if you like your current website as-is, then let us know what you like about it and we will do our best to match it.  And if you don't like your current website, then let's get started with an entirely new redesign.

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