Law Firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization) <small>What You Should Expect from Your Law Firm's SEO Provider</small> An Exclusive Legal Industry Focus

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms is a very intense and skilled work, not for Internet newbies/amateurs.  Even otherwise competent online marketing agencies will usually fail to deliver results to law firm clients.  Each practice area-of-law (like family law, tort law, or criminal law) has its own unique industry and is extraordinarily nuanced, requiring tailored content and online marketing strategies.

It takes a decade or more to become truly masterful in SEO techniques, and it takes an enormous comprehension of law and how nuances in each area-of-law need to be tailored to address the particular search-behaviours of persons that seek counsel for particular legal issues.  For that reason, avoid generalist SEO agencies/web-designers that aren’t exclusively focused on law firms.  That said; the SEO experience of the Marketing.Legal team spans more than two (2) decades, with team members developing legal industry websites as far back as 2005; and now with nearly fifty (50) legal websites among their history.

Trackable Results (Goal Oriented)

Expect your law firm's SEO agency to provide you with trackable, measurable results.  Ideally, expect to be provided access to your website's Google Analytics' account.  You should be able to see the trends in what is working, what is not, and whether there is a sustained upward trend towards your goals over time.

No Long-Term Contract

Most law firm SEO agencies (particularly large ones) require a minimum one-year contract.  Any SEO agency, for any industry, that tries to compel you upfront, to stay on board for longer than six (6) months, says a lot about that agency's confidence that they will bring you success and keep you onboard solely based on the merits of that success.  A long-term contract benefits the SEO agency, not your law firm.

Consultants (Not Merely Salespeople)

A competent law firm SEO agency should confidently lead the conversation about marketing your firm (not just execute your instructions); and should act in an advisory role, able to explain to you what marketing techniques work for what practice areas-of-law, versus what techniques do not work.


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