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What About My Website Hosting?

Website hosting is included within our monthly package pricing. You need not be concerned about website hosting issues. We have a guaranteed 99.999% uptime (if not 100%). We take care of all of your website's third-party software licensing, SSL/HTTPS security certification, required server-space, back-up file systems, etc.  All of our websites built for legal professionals are built with enterprise-class technologies on Microsoft Azure Cloud web and database servers.

Email hosting packages through Microsoft and/or GoDaddy are available for most domain names that we register.

How Many Webpages Can My Website Include?

Our 'Professional Website' package includes access to a library of hundreds and ever growing, communal webpage articles; and essentially an unlimited number of further webpages, that you may add and edit yourself - or supply us with your webpage content, and we can install it for you - which is best as we can install many additional special page features beyond just the body of content that you can do on your own.  Content may be submitted via Word documents, PDF files, etc.  Images may be supplied in JPG, PNG, or SVG formats (best practice technical aspects may require special attention).

Our 'Starter Website' package includes up to ten (10) webpages.  We will build your homepage and contact page.  You can provide us with the content for six (6) further pages, or you can add and edit the additional pages yourself.

Will My Website be Found in Google?

We are crazy about SEO (search-engine optimization).  All of our websites include lots of search-engine friendly technical stuff including Schema data, automated sitemap.xml, the latest expert SEO best-practice techniques, Google Analytics, and our advanced artificial-intelligence systems.  We cannot 'guarantee' where you'll rank in Google, nobody can (if they say they can, they are scamming you); however, as of this writing, every website that we have ever launched has become catalogued in Google within days; and for many valued short-tail and long-tail keywords, our client's regularly consume the bulk of spots among the first page in Google.

How Much Time Will You Give Me for Free?

We respect your time and we expect you to respect our time.  While we hope to help build your webpages and launch your website in about ten (10) hours of work with no additional charges beyond our package pricing (plus applicable taxes); however, any repeated back-and-forth or piece-meal receipt of your website content may result in a consumption of the ten (10) hours and us having to provide you with notice that on a go-forward basis, our time is billable at $95.00 hourly with a half-hour minimum per occurrence.  As of this writing, we have never yet had to enforce this concern.

Will My Website Work on Smartphones?

Yes.  Having a modern website that works on smartphones and tablets is a must.  Our website development platform involves a responsive, mobile-first design, that automatically adjusts your website to provide an ideal user-experience across all types of devices.


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ATTENTION: Do not send confidential information through this website form.  Use this website form only for making an introduction.
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