WordPress Accounted for 90 Percent of All Hacked CMS Websites Backdoors found on two-thirds of all hacked sites, SEO spam on halfRoughly ninety percent (90%) of all the hacked website content management systems ('CMS') that Sucuri investigated and helped fix in 2018 were WordPress sites.  In a distant second and third, came Joomla (4.3%), and Drupal (3.7%).  Sucuri experts blamed most of the website hacks on vulnerabilities in plugins and themes, misconfiguration issues, and a lack of maintenance by webmasters who often forgot to perform critical updates.

Experts said that only fifty-six percent (56%) of the sites they investigated were running an up-to-date CMS at the time they were called in to remediate a hack.  While ninety percent (90%) of all hacked websites were WordPress, most were running up-to-date versions.  Only thirty-six percent (36%) of hacked WordPress websites investigated were running an outdated version.

WordPress and makers of its popular search-engine optimization ('SEO') plugin Yoast, admit to having a history of being hacked monthly, stating: "For a while, Yoast use to get hacked every month.  Of course we were a high profile target so people were targeting us.  We knew..."  - Joost De Valk

Absolutely No WordPress Code, Ever!

The Marketing.Legal website platform has absolutely zero reliances upon any WordPress code or any of the other open-source website platforms, plugins, or themes that are regular targets of attack.  Marketing.Legal uses an entirely proprietary website content management platform.

Information source: //www.zdnet.com/article/wordpress-accounted-for-90-percent-of-all-hacked-cms-sites-in-2018/  Adapted for educational purposes.  Percentages as mentioned are subject to some rounding.


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