My Cousin Vinny, Hilarious and Realistic

One of the best legal drama/comedy movies of all time, perhaps the best, is My Cousin Vinny starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei.  Marisa won an Academy Award for the performance.

Legal professionals will often comment that the movie, aside from some of the absurd antics, actually does portray many elements of legal process realism.  In particular, the examinations, direct exam as well as cross exam, are conducted very well and could almost be used as 'how to' demonstrations within a courtroom advocacy skills class.

If you are yet to see the movie, be sure to give it a watch.  My Cousin Vinny is hilariously entertaining and, despite being primarily a comedy, does contain some genuine 'good law' that can serve as teaching moments for those newer to the profession and as a reminder for those well experienced.  The video embedded as above provides a great lawyerly review; albeit from an American law perspective; however, much appears to parallel Canadian principles of law and procedure.  Enjoy the review - and the movie!

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