Sometimes Pictures or Video Are Worth Much Less than 1,000 WordsYou spent a small fortune of time and money when creating that YouTube video (a "Vlog")  explaining particular legal principles in layperson terms.

You were dressed well, you spoke well, you used good lighting, you had a good microphone with proper recording levels, you had a professional appearing backdrop, and your spouse, friends and family all say how knowledgeable and sophisticated you seem when talking about your subject matter.

You published the video within your website as well as via a linik to your website posted on your Facebook page; however, six months later, your video remains 'Viewed: 6 times", three of which were when your Mom showed you off to her neighbours.

What Is Wrong With Just Posting a Vlog?

The answer is quite simple.  Google works using computer code - an algorithm.  Surprising to some people, the staff at Google are doing things other than watching and reading and then 'ranking' everything put onto the Internet.  There is an age old saying that, "a picture is worth 1,000 words".  Well, this is sometimes true and sometimes untrue; and when it comes to the way Google and the Internet works, a picture, or video, still needs the 1,000 words.  Okay, perhaps 1,000 words is unnecessary; however, somewhere between 400 and 600 words should be the goal within a blog that runs alongside a vlog.

Google, among other search engines, seeks to match a person forming an Internet search using 'typed words' with webpages that contain written content that is most relevant to the typed words within the search terms.  The algorithm that performs the relevancy test lacks the ability, or desire (if desire was even something an algorithm could possess) to deem that your speech in a video was spoken eloquently or that your hair was done so nicely in preparation for the video.

What is the Solution to Google Recognizing a Vlog?

The solution to helping ensure that Google recognizes a webpage with a Vlog is to include a Blog on the same webpage.  While a human being may prefer and be impressed with the video, it is only the written words that describe the video that can be recognized by the Google algorithm.  Of course, for vlogs, such as an embedded YouTube video, among other things such as pictures, appropriate choice of file names, alt text descriptions, among many other elements, can and do play a significant role in gaining traction with search engines. 

And now, this blog is over 400 words, 420 words to be exact!


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