Securing a .law (dot-law) Domain NameWhat is a .law Domain?

The .law ('dot-law') top-level domain name ('TLD') extension is a new restricted class of domains (TLDs) aimed to promote trust in the legal community by creating exclusive web spaces in which only professionals that are regulated and licensed to practice law can brand/present themselves on the Internet in a distinctive and memorable manner.

These .law domains are exclusive to legal professionals, similar to how .gov and .edu domains are exclusive to government and educational entities.

Why Choose a .law Domain

The Internet is a crowded marketplace.  Finding an available domain name that is high-quality and that meets your marketing needs can be difficult.  Over one-hundred million (100,000,000) domain names are already registered ending in .com ('dot-com'), including a majority of spam entities.  It is nearly impossible to find a quality domain name that is still available in dot-com.  On the other hand, only licensed professionals in the legal community can secure a .law domain name that clearly communicates who you are and/or the legal resources you provide.  Additionally, because .law is a restricted TLD, any person that visits your website can be immediately confident that you are truly an authorized and licensed legal practitioner (lawyer or paralegal in Ontario) or a legal institution.

Registering a .law Domain and Connecting it to Your Website

Marketing.Legal has the ability to register a .law domain in your name and has experience managing/configuring the techy stuff (DNS A records, CName records, etc) to connect the domain to your website.  Marketing.Legal will also address the requisite of proving your credentials as a legal professional.  Typically, the costs associated with a .law domain are: (a) $99.00USD plus applicable taxes, yearly; (b) $50.00CAD plus applicable taxes for administrative processes, per occurence (typically one-time). 

To get started with the process of securing a .law domain: CALL: (905) 259-7154


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