Developing Business Opportunity

To begin, a review of your desires and goals is conducted and when understood, Marketing.Legal designs, manages, and monitors, your marketing strategy thereby enabling busy legal professionals to remain focused on being busy legal professionals.  The work of Marketing.Legal is to identify key markets ripe for development and to implement an appropriate mix of fresh ideas as well as time tested techniques that attract new clients or keep you top of mind with previous clients!

Your best first impression is priority.

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Developed for the Legal CommunityTools for impactful business promotion.
Creatively Managing Your Marketing Strategies

The legal business is tough.  Whether it is meeting with clients, handling office administration tasks, attending court matters, or attending to day-to-day tasks, legal practitioners often struggle to find the right balance between working in the business and working on the business which leaves little time to manage effective marketing strategies.

Marketing.Legal provides the solution by managing creative strategies for the one-person practitioner or the small-to-medium sized firm.

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Sales Efficiency Tools

Independent practitioners and small firms are unable to expend large budgets for major advertising campaigns; accordingly, sales tools that offer major impact with minor expense are necessary.  From dynamic websites to professionally authored brochures and newsletters as well as experts in audio/video production, writing/editing, printing/binding, among other things, Marketing.Legal offers affordable sales tools that enable small firms to compete in the big leagues.

The only limits to converting ideas into sales should be ... well, nothing!

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Expanding Your Knowledge 

Keeping up with changes to statutes or that recent Supreme Court decision may seem out of place for a marketing firm; however, Marketing.Legal appreciates that the marketing of legal professionals involves promoting legal professionals as knowledgeable.  Accordingly, legal professionals need to know the latest law as relevant to the promoted expertise.  Through Mentoring.Legal, our sister business, affiliated education providers offer Continuing Professional Development webinars, among other things, to keep you informed and ready.

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