Marketing by Targeting

Geographic & Demographic

Focuses resources towards prospective clients within your travel service area as well as directing Ad Spend to those most interested in legal matters within your forte.

Focus on Forte

Reduces or eliminates the time wasted and thereby saves money by pre-vetting inquiries that are outside your realm of services thereby limiting disruption while maximizing attention to legitimate opportunities.

Connect Socially

Promotes to and connects with, your various social media channels and brings your digital marketing into consistency of substance and timing.

Digital Marketing Services Include

Combining decades of sales, traditional and digital marketing, as well as experience within the legal field, we are trusted by legal professionals for our reputation and acumen to cultivate and to convert opportunities into successful results.

Providing Immediate Control

The easy-to-use dashboard panel enables website owners to add, edit, manage, delete, alter, review, and be in control of almost everything that affects the website visitor so to provide an impressive and confidence inspiring user-experience (UX).


Powerful HTML Editor

Easily Edit Your Legal Website's Content

The integrated HTML editing toolbar puts your fingertips in touch with the fastest, the cleanest, and the most powerful online WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for website content management.  Unlike the editor in Wordpress websites, here you will truly see what you will get.  For techies, that is to say that Bootstrap and Font Awesome are supported in the editing view.

Insert clean HTML from Microsoft Word
When pasting from Microsoft Word to a webpage, a lot of improper markup is carried across.  This results in webpages having various problems.  The Paste from Word button in here solves this issue by removing Word markup before it has a chance to mess up your webpage.

True WYSIWYG Content Editing - Better than Wordpress!
Communal Website Content Sharing

Communal Content

A primary benefit and strength of the 'multiple personality website' operating within the Marketing.Legal platform, is in the crowdsourcing of information; and therefore in the collective communal effect that occurs from the sharing of webpage articles within a database that continually grows larger and larger; becoming a collective bank of information gaining search engine attention beyond that which any legal practitioner could achieve individually and independently.

There are dozens and dozens of communal webpages containing content rich legal information - turn-key ready to be part of your website.

All communal webpage articles are well researched, posted with citations and links to the supporting law on CanLII.org (thus the webpages may also be used as your own quick access, from anywhere, library of secondary sources).


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