About the Marketing.Legal Website PlatformThe underlying platform for Marketing.Legal, operating on the Internet domain name Marketing.Legal, is actually a highly functional, semi-automated database-driven website platform developed both for the Internet presence and marketing of Marketing.Legal itself as well as for the purpose and benefit of providing an easy-to-use website builder and web-hosting platform for small-to-medium sized legal firms and sole practitioners.

Focused upon the primary goal of helping firms and practitioners to better promote themselves and to further develop business opportunities, the Marketing.Legal platform uses advanced methods in search-engine optimization, communal pay-per-click advertising, and proprietary processes that enable the platform to act as a 'multiple personality website', functioning as a communal marketing portal and as a centralized resource for legal articles.

The website platform is capable of hosting thousands (over 65,000) websites with communally shared syndication of content from the legal articles archive on behalf of both the public interest as well as the practitioner interest; all while doing so with technologies that enable the shared content to render in a seamless manner that is automatically independently branded and thereby appearing uniquely autonomous upon each of the hosted websites.


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