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Benefits of Integrating Facebook Messenger Chatbot in Your WebsiteThe Facebook Messenger Chatbot Plugin integrates as a communication channel directly into your website.  This allows customers to interact with your business at anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience that they get in their Facebook Messenger App.

  • Chats are stored in Facebook Messenger.
  • Easy reference for your employees as well as customers.
  • Other chat systems do not help in receiving a user’s information if the user abandons the chat midway.  However, with the Facebook Messenger plugin, your potential customer will be in your Messenger and you can re-target them later with your Facebook broadcast or ads.
  • It's easier for customers and prospects to communicate with your business, as they no longer have to independently open Facebook to initiate a chat.  Instead, they can do it directly from your website.

Conversations can be continued across various device platforms and websites.  If a conversation starts via your business Facebook page, it can continue via your website or vice-versa.  This is also useful for customers themselves.  Most customers initiate dialog from their mobile devices, and being able to seemlessly continue a dialog when moving from social media to your website makes it easier for them to maintain communication with your business.

Using Facebook Messenger integrated with your website rather than other Chatbot systems, ensures that your business has persistent conversion threads, with all interactions inherently centralized, making sure that you don’t lose track of original requests or complaints from a customer or prospect.

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