Sources of cases such as CanLII are excellent as research resources for the majority of case issues that come along.  CanLII, among other resources, provide excellent tools for search, among other things; however, from time-to-time, there is a case that is clearly succinct on a particular issue or point of law; and yet, escaped attention from, and publishing upon, CanLII.  Accordingly, so to act as a searchable archive (search tools as soon coming) for those cases that should be on CanLII but aren't, Marketing.Legal will host to such cases.

If you have a case that is unreported by other primary law source platforms and is viewed as a case worthy of publishing, please submit the following:

1. The full name and license number of the person submitting the case (only submissions from Law Society licensees will be considered);

2. The confirmation that you, as a licensee, confirm and undertake assurances that the case is without publicity restriction (meaning unsealed and available for publication); and

3.  The 50 words or less about what the key issue that is of importance and therefore why the case should be published.

Only qualifying submissions may be published.  Submissions deemed without significance may remain unpublished. 

Submit to:  casestopublish@Marketing.Legal


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