Basketball PlayersWhat is Website Bounce Rate and Does it Really Matter?

Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis.  It represents the percentage of website visitors who enter the website and then leave after viewing only a single webpage.  Google defines bounce rate as: "Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server."

What is the Average Bounce Rate for Law Firm Websites?

Looking at all websites in general, will see average bounce rates somewhere between 35% and 75% with the spread based on user behaviour among particular website's subject matter.  Bounce rates under 30% are extremely rare and are more commonly an indication that something is broken within their analytics implementation, or are likely an indication that their data is somehow being hacked/tricked.  Some web-developers have been found to install a hidden 'frame' in their client's webpages, containing an extra copy of the Google Analytics tracking code, which results in each webpage load appearing to Google as two (2) webpage loads, ultimately fooling Google and fooling the website owner's into believing that they have an extraordinarily successful website.

Law firm/legal business websites typically fall into the 50% to 75% bounce-rate range, due that a significant percentage of laypeople whimsically visit legal websites, which skews the data.

It is important not to dwell over having a legal website with a slightly higher bounce rate than average websites.  A high bounce rate for your law firm website could simply reflect the fact that Google successfully landed a majority of your website visitors directly upon the ideal webpage content that matched their interest, and then they only needed your phone number which was already on the same webpage.  For legal websites containing easy to use methods for laypeople to initiate contact with the legal practitioner/law firm, the typical bounce rates creeps up between 55% to 80%; due that many laypeople often initiate contact swiftly, and based only on a 'first-sight' confidence that the legal business entity is professional and competent to suit their needs; or inversely depending upon the 'education level' of the user, they might immediately find the website content to be 'dry' or 'too complex', so they quickly skip out of the website.

Google Analytics enables you to view bounce rates in granular detail to the different ways that people landed in your website.  A high bounce rate in your website's social media acquisition channel might be indicative that you wrote some engaging blog posts in Facebook including links directly to a topic matching webpage in your website.  A high bounce rate in the organic acquisition channel, might be indicative that Google's doing a fantastic job in landing people on a webpage that is directly on point with their web search, and that contains easy to find/use methods of initiating contact.

The contemplations that arise in 'bounce rate' analysis among legal business websites, have many interpretations.  In any event with legal business websites, aim to keep your aggregate bounce rate lower than 80%.

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