What is a Hotjar Webpage Heatmap?<small class='mt-1 mb-3- font-weight-normal' style='filter:opacity(.75); font-size:42.5%;'>Page last modified: May 24 2020</small>Hotjar (a brandname) is the Fastest and Easiest Method to Illustrate User Behaviour within any Modern Website.

Heatmaps are a powerful way to understand what users do on website pages: where users click, how far users scroll, what they look at versus what they ignore.  Hotjar heatmaps complement the data and insights you get from traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics. It’s an industry-leading and easy-to-use service that provides understanding of what’s actually happening on a website.  Marketing.Legal uses 'HotJar' Heatmaps as a highly valuable and useful tool when it comes to improving and growing law firm websites.

Heatmaps provide a clear picture of how to improve a website's performance, conversion rates, and its overall user-experience ('UX').  A heatmap enables a granular observation of what aspects among a website are being used properly and intuitively, versus what aspects need some improvement.

Benefits of Hotjar

1. Visualize User Behaviour
Hotjar 'heatmap shows' are the best way to know how visitors interact with a website, by showing how users scroll, click, and tab around various elements of the webpage, and providing insights to help determine the base of user's desire and motivation in visiting the website.  Seeing how users interact with a webpage via a recording of their behaviour and activity, identifies if there are any usability issues in the website, needing to be fixed.

2. Multi-Device User Recording
Hotjar is one of the first tools that offer visitor recordings, it is a great feature that records the screen of user sessions, showing exactly how users interact with a website on the variant screen-size displays among all device types (desktop/phone/tablet).  Heatmaps show how users more, where they are moving their mouse or where they touch their mobile-device screens.  Seeing the user's experience from their own point of view, provides a better understanding of intuitiveness (engagement problems).

Reasons for Using Hotjar

Hotjar is a user behaviour analytic service for websites.  It records the interaction of visitor's, collects heatmaps, and measures conversion funnels; ultimately offering insight for improving lead conversion rate and sales' polination.  Hotjar enables visual understanding of user behaviour and fast insight with a negligible learning curve.

Does Having Hotjar Installed in a Marketing.Legal Website, Slow the Website Down?

Hotjar is one of the most recent analytics tools and yes, like anything else, when its software code runs, it does slow down your website; but not by any amount noticeable to a human person.  The difference in speed of having Hotjar installed or not is only measurable in thousandths of a second.

Hotjar only works in modern web-browsers that execute JavaScript code efficiently; and Hotjar's software code is loaded through a global Content Deliver Network ('CDN') which make it download as quickly as possible.

Privacy Information

From day one, Hotjar was designed and built with privacy in mind; and a want to help improve websites by providing insights leading to creation of a better user experience.  Hotjar have been doing this since 2014 while keeping privacy at the core of their software.

Today, Hotjar is used on over a half-million websites in nearly every country qround the world.  Marketing.Legal on behalf of its member website owners, uses Hotjar in effort to better understand users’ needs and to optimize all persons' experiences within each particular website.  Hotjar is a technology service that provides a better understanding of which links users choose to click, what users do and don't like, etc.) and this in turn fuels more relevant and efficient, website innovation and maintainence.

Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data including a device’s IP address (processed during a user's session and stored in a de-identified form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), and the preferred language used on the particular website.  Hotjar stores this information on behalf of website owners and web-developers, in a pseudonymized user profile.  Hotjar is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected .

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