Communally EmpoweredMutually Shared Website Article Content Lawyers and Paralegals often struggle with efforts to promote, advertise, and market, their legal services.  A common challenge endured involves the ongoing cost and efforts required to maintain a formidable marketing campaign which includes the time required to maintain a website that attracts search-engine attention; and thereby opportunity for human interaction and thus new client opportunities.  Typically, legal practitioners have many great ideas that, due to time constraints and day-to-day disruptions, become dead ideas.

What is the Solution?

The solution is a platform that renders as 'multiple personality websites' creating independent and autonomously appearing, uniquely branded and styled websites, that are driven from a database of content rich, search engine optimized, communal articles; and of course, each website can publish webpages fully independent of the communal articles.

100% Mobile Responsive Design

It is critical that your website must look great and be of practical use on every screen size.  Not only for human visitors, but also to rank high on Google.

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SEO Friendly Code and Content

The foundation of quality web-traffic is quality content among search-engine optimization best practice.  We are backed with decades of SEO success.

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Enterprise, Secure Web Hosting

Every website on our platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers, with enterprise-class SSL security provided by Let's Encrypt included.

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Marketing.Legal™ is a 100% Canadian brand, owned and operated incorporated business, with dedicated expert professionals, having decades of qualified experience in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, and Social Media marketing for Lawyers and Paralegals.  Website design for lawyers in Ontario, Canada.

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