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Creating a logo/branding package in 2023 can be a complex and daunting task.  It requires forethought and creativity to ensure that the logo/branding you create is something that will proudly represent your business in the best way possible from the viewpoint of both a search-engine (or other digital things) and human eyes.

It is imperative to respect that search-engines and other digital things such as AI (artificial-intelligence) are likely to be your potential customer's first-touch point, and will ultimately drive near eighty-percent (80%) of your business opportunities.  That said; many entrepreneurs in 2023 approach logo/branding design as an effort to earn social praise, rather than an effort in modern business strategy.

What's On First; Who's On Second

Yes: search-engine considerations come first; and human eyeballs follow second.  Having the prettiest logomark ever designed is a moot point, if you fail to design your logo/branding in a search-engine friendly manner.  When starting to create your logo/branding; a person with merely a “graphic-design” skillset is not who you should be reaching out to first.  Picasso was a great artist; but also likely terrible at contemplating search-engine optimization, friendly digital fonts, and cascading style-sheet variables.

It may also be important to talk to a search-engine consultant prior to choosing your business' brandname; but presumedly, if you're reading this, then you've probably already past the point of no return in that regard.  In any event; your logomark should come from your brand and not vice-versa.  Going forward, your logomark will be the visual representation of your company.  It will become a cornerstone of your brand.  It will appear subtly but useful as the tab-icon in web-browsers and digital launchpads, sometimes as a fav-icon in digital bookmarks including search-engine results, and in various arrangements within other digital assets, and of course in your conventional marketing materials including signage.

Objective; Not Subjective Design Contemplations

When creating a modern logo/branding package, it is important to consider the various elements that should be included.  This includes the logomark itself, as well as all variations/orientations of the logomark that may be needed for both digital and print.  Your logomark MUST have a transparent background; do not base your design in contemplation of any particular background colour.  Additionally, you will need a style guide that outlines your colour theme and other design elements that should be used in all your digital assets and conventional marketing materials involving your logo/branding.

Separate to your logomark, are your brandname and any taglines.  These must be contemplated as independent elements, while also cohesive with your logomark.  Your contemplations should include how your logomark and brandname should reconfigure themselves at varying screen-sizes on various devices; and also note that any tagline should be able to automatically disappear, whenever your branding needs to fit into a tight space.  And when your tagline disappears; your brandname should expand to fill the available space.

In addition to those aspects mentioned above, it is important to select a “graphic-design” person that is knowledgable and capable of implementing CSS variables and SVG style sheets when creating your digital logomark/branding package.  If they don't know what that even means, then you need to find yourself another “graphic-design” person.  CSS variables are a means by which digital technologies can programmatically address the colours/theme and layout concerns of your logo/branding, on-the-fly, and being inside the SVG file type (a vector-based graphic) that can scale to any size without visual quality loss.

Your logomark, brandname, and any taglines, MUST be implemented as independent elements.  Your branding must not be created as a single-unit collage.  Each element must be able to independently shift its position and its scale/size to address concerns such as responsive digital-layouts on varying screen sizes and devices, and again, most importantly, text within your branding must be readable by a search-engine and digital devices.


It is necessary to respect that near eighty-percent (80%) of the first-impressions that your business will make, will be in the digital world.  And time is only going to keep advancing forward from 2023.  Create your branding correctly now; or go to the expense of time and money to do it again in the near future.


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