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With over twenty years experience providing insurance, risk management, and legal services to contractors, Scott has many hints and tips that every contractor should know and understand.  Scott, and fellow colleagues, are ready and available to provide independent consultation on a variety of subjects.

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The Hold Harmless and Indemnity Clause

Snow Contractors - 5 Tips to Reduce Liability Risks  

What Every Director/Owner Needs to Know!  


Snow Risk
Reducing Snow Contractor Liability Risks By: Scott McEachern, Licensed Paralegal Back in the days when I was an insurance broker serving hundreds of ...


Tree Risk
While an insurance broker, Scott McEachern founded and managed TREESURE, a national insurance program customized specifically for tree workers and consulting ...


Work Risk
A frequent false perception by many contractors, and even some legal services practitioners, is the idea that a contractor can absolve potential liability by ...