A primary benefit and strength of the 'multiple personality website' operating within the Marketing.Legal platform is in the crowdsourcing of information; and therefore in the collective communal effect that occurs from the sharing of webpage articles within a database that continually grows larger and larger; becoming a collective bank of information gaining search engine attention beyond that which any legal practitioner could achieve individually and independently.

The 'multiple personality website' is already populated with pages and pages of content rich legal information that is indexed and very well ranked by search engines such as Google.

There is tons of content rich general legal information such as webpages about adverse inference or parol evidence rule or corporate unveiling concerns or tort law or limitation periods, and on and on and on.  This extensive volume of information is what helps the 'multiple personality website' rank so high with search engines such as Google.  Whereas most paralegals have a website that consists of only a few pages with a mere basic outline to summarize available services, and thus will always suffer great difficulty gaining strong search engine results, the 'multiple personality website' is loved by search engines, including Google, and especially by people - being potential clients, who are searching for quality information!    

All communal webpage articles are well researched, posted with citations, and with links to the supporting law on CanLII.org (and thus the webpages may also be used as your own quick access, from anywhere, library of secondary sources).

What Happens When Scope of Services are Limited?

The law contains such a broad scope of areas that nobody does everything.  It would be humanly impossible for a practitioner to possess competency in 'everything'.  Even firms will typically have a focus rather than being full scope.  Accordingly, for those webpages that post information about legal issues that are outside your service offering or that you simply prefer to turn off, you can do so simply by clicking off the 'live' button on the webpage (or entire area of law section) within the 'multiple personality website' access portal.  For example, if you license the 'multiple personality website' and you do Small Claims Court services; but, you prefer to avoid advertising for certain areas of law, perhaps employment law, you can turn off the employment law webpages from appearing when the 'multiple personality website' is publishing in your version.  You get access to all of the already indexed webpages but you also get to choose and 'turn off' undesired webpages.  As more area of law subjects as well as more webpage articles are added into the communal archive, you choose which you wish to publish.  You maintain complete control.  You may also revise a communal article into your own words and thereby publish an altered version unique to your identity within the 'multiple personality website'.

5. It is trite that the right to be heard is a fundamental part of a fair hearing. Parties should be afforded the right to make submissions before a judge decides a significant matter. ...
~ Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) 
R. v. Fang, 2017 ONSC 6202