Tribunal AdvocacyAdministrative tribunals review and adjudicate various matters involving disputes between private citizens or between citizens and various levels of government or between the commercial sector and certain levels of government as well as by providing regulatory body governance that often involves the oversight, licensing, and disciplinary proceedings, of professional persons.

Tribunals within each Province may consist of hundreds of agencies, boards, and commissions (ABC's).  A few of the busiest tribunals include, among many others:

The Landlord Tenant Board (LTB);

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO);

The Safety Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals of Ontario (SLASTO);

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB).

The LTB and the HRTO are just two tribunals within a group of eight tribunals that known as the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario (SJTO).  Altogether, the tribunals within the SJTO resolve about 100,000 matters each year.

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The parties are advised to chill.
~ United States Supreme Court
Mattel v. MCA Records, 296 F.3d 894