Scott McEachern

Focusing in the areas of:

Small Claims Court litigation involving: 

Formerly an insurance broker with nearly 20 years experience providing commercial insurance and risk management services to corporate clients having varied risk concerns, Scott McEachern left the insurance business to pursue a longtime dream of providing direct legal services including advocacy and representation in courtroom litigation.  As a member licensee of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Scott now serves many former insurance clients, among many others, with actual legal matters.  Scott most enjoys and focuses on challenging small claims court matters and has a particular interest in construction law (contractor workmanship), employment law (i.e. wrongful dismissal), and insurance law as well as the litigation of tortious conduct whether due to negligent or intentional wrongdoing.  

Over the years, Scott has made television appearances and radio appearances as well as contributed to various professional and community organizations by making guest speaker appearances.  From time-to-time, Scott volunteers at special events for the Rotary Club of Port Perry and was previously an assistant to the Orono Leafs peewee boys hockey team.  Scott is also the author and presenter of various risk management seminar presentations for small businesses including articles such as:

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