Jeremy de Mel

Jeremy de Mel possesses more than twenty years experience within the business community, with experience ranging from Director of Operations for a multi-location retail clothing enterprise, to setting up overseas campus for one of the largest publicly funded colleges in Canada, to managing a real estate portfolio encompassing both residential and commercial properties both in Canada and overseas, to invention and marketing of a risk management solution designed for the financial services industry, to personnel recruitment for large multinational organizations, to asset repossession for financial institutions, to management of a high-performance automotive shop, among others.

Jeremy brings to the table a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by small business owners in addition to a solid appreciation for the lack of free time experienced by small business owners. 

Jeremy believes strongly in giving back to the community and is proud to have served as the chair of the Pickering Village Business Improvement Association for over ten years.  Currently is serving on the Town of Ajax Recreation and Cultural Advisory Committee.

Jeremy belives that it is by viewing challenges through the broad lens of experience that Jeremy is able to identify and offer solutions that may otherwise be missed.  

Subsequent to paralegal studies, Jeremy focuses on cases involving commercial tenancies, Repair and Storage Lien Act, R.S.O. 1990 c. R.25,  breach of contract, negligent credit default reporting, defective workmanship, among other matters.

With a strong knowledge of legal issues gleaned from an extensive business background along with credentials as the star graduate and class valedictorian of the CDI College paralegal program, Jeremy is ready to serve. 

Jeremy is also always ready to discuss a passion for cycling, tropical fish, animal welfare, pet adoption and remote control cars with anyone who will listen!