"... I have been impressed by Scott's caring and professionalism ... "

Tom Mikel


"... Scott offers a high level of professionalism in his services.  He seems to be genuinely caring, providing great attention ... efforts and actions appear consistent without bias to the size or status of the client he serves."

Nick Solty
Solty Garden Centre


"Scott is skilled at building trusting business relationships ... He is a creative thinker with innovative qualities, someone who focuses on solutions rather than problems.  Especially impressive is the diligence and attention in his preparation - it is obvious that he values the importance of being thorough and accurate."

Tony DiGiovanni
Executive Director
Landscape Ontario


"I have found Scott to be committed to his vocation and to the horticulture industry.  He is energetic, easy to work with, and enthusiastic - in short, someone good to have on your side ... " 

Verna Loewith
Membership Services Co-ordinator (former)
Landscape Ontario

"I have appreciated your example and willingness to share your time and thoughts which contribute to the fulfillment of the association's goals and objectives." 

David Turnbull
Past-President, Landscape Ontario

"... thoroughness and attention to detail ... able to point out some areas in which we were exposed." 

Jason Spence
Aldershot Landscape Contractors

"... helped us with our legal wording in our snow contracts to ensure that we are in a better position ..." 

Willem Tiemersma
Willand Ltd

"... advise and counseling has been sound, sometimes unsolicited, and always to our benefit." 

Ken Murray
Turf King Ltd

"... professional, courteous service as well as great advice." 

Mike Dytnersk
Clargreen Gardens