Insurance Coverage

With nearly twenty years experience as an insurance broker prior to becoming a licensed paralegal, Scott McEachern knows the inside-and-outs involving insurance concerns!

Did your insurance company wrongfully deny a claim?

Did your insurance broker fail to fully review your coverage needs resulting in a subsequent uninsured loss?

Did your premiums or deductibles unjustly increase? 

The 'big bad' insurance companies often have in-house counsel with understanding of insurance guidelines, laws, regulations, and rules in addition to training and understanding of legal procedures as well as endlessly deep pockets.  This creates a 'David v. Goliath' type situation just when the insured needs help most!  Fortunately, Scott McEachern and many former insurance adjuster colleagues from varied backgrounds, are ready to help.   

In addition to situations where an insurance company may be wrongfully denying coverage, Scott is also often contacted on other insurance related matters including failings of diligence by insurance brokers.  For example:

  1. In the recent case of Wilkinson v. Sneddon Insurance Brokers, 2014 CanLII 78266, Scott helped a paralegal colleague to successfully bring a professional liability (errors & omissions) lawsuit against an insurance broker for failing to properly act as an insurance broker by failing to 'shop' for pricing options or to notify of a failure to 'shop'.

  2. In another situation, Scott helped point a property owner in the right direction when a barn collapsed by weight of ice and snow crushing the contents within.  While there was insurance coverage in place for the barn structure, much of the contents inside were uninsured.  At first the property owner thought the insurance company was to blame for this shortfall; however, Scott was able to suggest that insurance broker oversight for failing to ask the right questions and therefore failing to arrange the proper coverage was more at issue.

Even in situations where all is being well looked after by insurance coverage, McEachern, de Mel may be able to review the final release documents before signing off any further claim rights 'forever'.  The licensed paralegals at McEachern, de Mel are also available to provide Commissioner of Oaths services to commission sworn declarations including the Proof of Loss documents required to finalize the insurance claims process.